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Polly vs The Giant Huntsman

11m Short, Horror 2019
Winner Best Student Short

Polly vs The Giant Huntsman is a cautionary, punk folk tale inspired by my own experience of when love and a safe place turns to into a nightmare. It follows Polly, a young girl who realizes Daddy Longlegs the charming lead singer of her favorite band The Giant Huntsman is actually a monster in disguise. She is forced to come to terms with the things he has done not just to her but many other girls. Fantasy ends up showing her the reality everyone is choosing to ignore. Recognizing and accepting what is abuse is often the hardest part. People will excuse all manner of sins for the musicians they love.


Marika Wolff


Natalie Carvallo

Camera Operator

Shannon Stutenroth

Creature Design

Jordan Perez




United States