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Der Platz

24m Short, Experimental, Drama, Thriller, History 2022

Stranded in Cold War-era Berlin, a British counterintelligence officer anxiously awaits the day his handlers arrive to collect him. Given no information but a time and a place, he diligently keeps his appointment, watching and waiting for something to happen; even as weeks turn to years … Shot entirely in a warehouse in Brooklyn on a shoestring budget, DER PLATZ is an unconventional spy thriller combining elements of Beckett, Brecht, Jean-Pierre Melville, and Lars von Trier’s DOGVILLE.


Hunter Whaley

Director of Photography

Giovanni Alfonzetti

Sound Designer

George Schultz

Assistant Director

Evan Murray

Line Producer

Calvin Perez


Caitlin McKenzie


English, German


United States

Winner Best Experimental Drama