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Don't Vanish
10m Short, Suspense 2022
The Tiger & The Protected
10m Short, Drama 2022
1h 3m Documentary 2020
Der Platz
24m Short, Experimental 2022
Wonder Mag
10m Short, Comedy 2019
Not Like You and Me
26m Documentary, Student Film 2020
The Hobbyist
8m Thriller, Fantasy 2017
The Nexus
13m Short, Science Fiction 2020
The Winter House
1h 40m Feature, Romance 2020
130 Children
1h 14m Documentary, Feature 2022
The Moving Parts of 31 Main Street
7m Student, Documentary 2022
An Elixir for the Extinction of Experience
11m Short, Student 2022
15m Short, Drama 2021
18m Short, Comedy 2021
A Long Leash
8m Short 2022
Will at Work The Lord Chamberlin's Men
11m Short 2018
De Floreo
3m Short, Music 2022
Between Two Worlds
7m Short, Documentary 2021
A Good Cop
48m TV Pilot, Crime 2021
8m Short, Drama 2022
Sultans of Marble
21m Documentary, Short 2022
My Mother, Mary
23m Short, Documentary 2022
10m Short, Student 2022
The Traditional Brazilian Family KATU
25m Documentary, Short 2019